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Can cleaning really help prevent viruses?

The upcoming colder months are prime outbreak season for winter viruses. As temperatures drop and people spend more time indoors, colds, flus and other respiratory illnesses break into a happy dance. The workplace is one of the most common environments for viruses to transmit from person to person. Fortunately, the commercial cleaning services of Midwest […]

New Seasons – Fresh Starts

Summer has officially faded into fall and with this changing of seasons comes the anticipation of new adventures in the last quarter of the year. Autumn is an ideal time to reset priorities both in your work and personal life. Why wait until New Year’s resolutions to make some changes that will help you live […]

Jose 20 year celebration

How about a Job You Love?

Ready to Love Your Job? We Can Help. A job you truly love. Work teammates you consider friends and even family. Steady pay that moves you ahead in life. Midwest Maintenance commercial cleaning services has this and so much more waiting for you . . . right now. With humble beginnings in a south Omaha […]