COVID-19 Response


Promoting People—this is what each of us at Midwest Maintenance come together to do every single day.  We are passionate about promoting healthy workspaces, healthy medical centers and healthy public facilities.

Each service in which we invest time and money to provide is about you—because we care.

It’s about you, walking into your space, knowing that one of our teams paid thoughtful attention to quality and details.

It’s about you, leaving at the end of your day, knowing that tomorrow you will return to a fresh, clean place to reach your goals.

It’s about you.  Every service came about because it was essential, needed, necessary to make people healthier.  To make you healthier.

It’s all about you.

COVID-19 and Specialty Cleaning

Equipped with the industry’s top-rated disinfectants and sanitizing procedures, we eliminate unseen threats including COVID-19, influenza and other virulent disease outbreaks and everyday germs. We can customize our comprehensive cleaning to fit your company’s particular needs and facility surroundings. Our Specialized Disinfecting Services include Clorox® Total 360® electrostatic sprayer, SWAT Team Detail Cleaning, ULV Fogger and several sanitizing options to purify your facility’s environment.

Parking Lot Markings

Maintaining clear markings in your parking lots and garages is essential for the safety and security of your employees, clients and visitors. We use trained professionals to paint everything from parking stall lines to emblems to fire lanes to directional markings.

Pest Control

All types of weather situations and external circumstances can draw outside nuisances to invade your facility and we are prepared to rid your property of pests such as insects and rodents. Our pest control specialists provide year-round attention.

Pressure Washing

Using high-powered pressure washers, we have the capability to make an impact on entrances, sidewalks, loading docks and building exteriors. Our trained specialists utilize the right tools for your specific surfaces to remove salt, sand and other elements that deteriorate concrete and stone. Our crew is available for both seasonal and special event cleanings to ensure your property is well-polished.

Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care

Our expertise in carpet cleaning involves innovative and high-quality equipment for cleaning a broad range of carpeted surfaces. We use trained and experienced personnel to care for your carpeted areas.

Plant Care

We attend to your natural and artificial plant care needs with an assortment of services. Our knowledgeable team prides itself in the delicate day-to-day care of your assorted foliage.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Our qualified personnel utilize a variety of industry-proven methods for window washing in commercial, medical and production facilities. We also offer consultations on difficult and hard-to-reach windows.

Forklift Operations

Our trained team members specialize in safely and efficiently handling forklift equipment in your facility. Keeping your facility organized and hazard-free is essential to your business operations profitability.

Partition Cleaning

Your employees deserve clean, healthy and appealing surroundings in which to work. Eliminating soil and grime from partitions of all types is one of our specialties.

Shipping Dock Assistance

Qualified monitors are available for your shipping docks and receiving areas for special projects or year-round assistance. Our employees receive additional training to fulfill such requirements and obligations for each of our partners.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our specialty crews have years of experience in cleaning upholstery on business furniture. Eliminating any dust, dirt and stains from your furnishings provides a polished, professional look and keeps your investment in quality condition for years.

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) Filter Maintenance

Our specialty service employees are specifically trained for air conditioning filter replacement and maintenance. We take pleasure in enhancing the air quality of your facility for your employees and visitors.

Construction Clean-Up

We offer construction clean-up programs for current or one-time clients to restore your facility after any tenant improvements, expansions or new construction projects. Our capable team guides you through the process to meet your construction deadlines.

Grounds Maintenance

Create a lasting impression at your facility with our convenient, reliable grounds maintenance service. From lawn care to debris removal, our trained professionals attend to your needs and schedule.

Snow Removal

Our snow removal crews are fully trained in machinery and safety requirements to provide you with most efficient and timely clean up possible. Our staff starts early to clean your sidewalks and pathways to ensure your employees and customers are safe in winter weather.

Touchpoint Cleaning

Touchpoint cleaning is critical throughout the year when possible outbreaks, such as influenza and colds, are at their peak.  Our staff cleans and disinfects desktops, phones, stairway handrails, elevator push buttons, door handles and other common surfaces where germs reside.  We can help you maintain a clean and healthy facility for your staff to minimize employee illness-related absences as well as sustain productivity for clients.

Emergency Clean-Up

In the event of a flood, fire or any other incident resulting in unexpected building damage, we have a knowledgeable team that can tend to your immediate emergency. We help you through the process and confirm that your building returns to normal.

Access Floor Cleaning

The raised flooring in your computer rooms needs consistent cleaning to prevent damage to your technology. Dust and particles that accumulate underneath computers and servers can be harmful to your system. We carefully pull each floor panel and detail clean your computer room flooring.

Biohazard/Blood Borne Pathogens

To ensure the safety and security of your facility and the people in it, our employees are trained to handle biohazard and blood borne pathogen emergencies. We process these situations with care to guarantee that all materials are disposed of responsibly.

Light Fixture Cleaning

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that your facility receives the desired quantity and quality of light, as well as energy efficiency, from your lighting systems. Periodic maintenance can produce a range of benefits, including a brighter and cleaner workplace, a higher level of security and enhanced productivity.

Waste Management

Our team organizes and manages a plethora of waste management services ranging from financial institution “save waste” to daily perishables. Understanding your level of confidentiality is our job and our qualified staff will meet your requirements.

Executive Office Cleaning

Executive office furniture need regular conditioning to maintain their quality. Our team will provide leather and wood conditioning, detailed furniture cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Our team strives to keep your executive space looking and feeling like new.

Recycle Programs

We offer a diverse package of recycling options to our partners. Our commitment is to reduce our environmental impact while providing effective and efficient services to our clients.