New Seasons – Fresh Starts

Summer has officially faded into fall and with this changing of seasons comes the anticipation of new adventures in the last quarter of the year. Autumn is an ideal time to reset priorities both in your work and personal life. Why wait until New Year’s resolutions to make some changes that will help you live a little healthier, a little happier?

Now is the time to relish the power of a fresh start. For you and for your employees. For you and for your family and friends. Any slight adjustment you make in your perspective and your productivity will reflect on how you relate to every person in your life.

Improving the company’s bottom line can start with you improving the small things in your own life . . . this very day. Here are some simple ways to reinvigorate your work life, which will boost your personal life too.

Circle back to your purpose.

Just as fall is a time for slowing down and Nature pacing itself before winter, it is helpful to pause and step back from the day-to-day busyness. Think about why you are doing what you are doing. Are you staying close to core values of your business? What has become a roadblock for you? Look back on the improvements and successes of your company. Be sure to give yourself a round of applause for the impact of your leadership.

Connect with your colleagues on a deeper level.

With all the unsettledness in our world, no doubt your management team and frontline employees would enjoy getting to know you on a more personal level. Why not be spontaneous and throw an afternoon party? It’s fall, so break into teams for a pumpkin carving challenge. Or take a few hours off work to do a company service project together. Nothing bonds people together like raking leaves or painting rooms for a local charity.

Meet with a mentor who models the mission.

Being at the helm of your business can be lonely at times. Find a leadership mentor who understands and identifies with your work challenges. Look for what you can learn from this role model and together explore how to keep a healthy balance with life at work and home.

Go easy on the negativity.

In any given day, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to complain and take the low road. People will disappoint you. Supply chains will fail. Goals will fall short. And yet, you can turn around morale and bounce-back productivity with how you handle situations and talk with the people around you. Avoid criticizing and choose to work together for solutions.

Carve out time for professional growth.

It’s easy to skip an investment in yourself through professional growth. Who has time for that? you may wonder. Influential leaders make time for developmental training throughout their career. Perhaps you’d benefit from joining a local networking group of professionals in your field. What national conferences or local trainings are of interest to you? Maybe an online course fits better with your schedule. Whatever you choose to bolster your professional life, remind yourself that you and your business are worth every second you invest.

Envision a brighter future.

Revaluate how you can make small adjustments to make your business more of what you want it to be. Polish up your vision for your people and the company. How can things look better than they do today? Think about how you will succeed and make a difference moving forward. Keep your optimism alive as you all work together for even better outcomes ahead.

New seasons invite fresh starts. Today is your time to recharge with energized motivation and clarity. As you consider moving your business forward, fall is the ideal time to freshen your workplace before winter.

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