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About - City Skyline

We are a Building Services Contractor Company,  providing Commercial Cleaning Services, Janitorial Services, Floor Care, and much more…

Each and every day, we touch people’s lives! Though mostly through unseen actions, we are the caretakers that make sure our clients’ facilities are healthy. We are there, night and day, to make sure that each client receives truly genuine service—attention that they deserve.

Yes, we are a “service provider” in all business senses of the term, however, everyone on our team knows our services are futile if we do not care—about our clients, our employees, our community.

Our goal is to make our clients surroundings healthy, welcoming and inspiring so that they can perpetuate that feeling into their work.

We are here to create, nourish and grow our connections with you!

With humble beginnings over fifty years ago, we choose to intentionally align ourselves with responsible business and community partners so that our mutual integrity is not compromised.

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