5 Things to Love About Your Professional Cleaning Team

You know how things can snowball at work. The meetings. The employee reviews. The budgets. If you add finding and supervising a janitorial crew, and worse yet, cleaning where these “professionals” did not, it’s no wonder stress can get the best of you.

But there is a better way. Midwest Maintenance Company gives you plenty of reasons to actually love your professional cleaning services. Here are just five reasons to love us.


No one appreciates a work environment that is messy and unhealthy. Yet unknowingly, it’s often the invisible bacteria and germs that pose the most danger to your employees and customers. One typical desktop with computer, keyboard, mouse and telephone harbors more than 10 million bacteria. The average toilet seat is 400 times cleaner!

If you consider the host of COVID-19, influenza, common cold viruses and other contaminates hovering in the office, it’s no wonder sick days cost your company money that could go elsewhere. Regular dusting, vacuuming and floor cleaning will help clear the air, while deeper disinfecting services can keep your business free of infectious pathogens.

Midwest Maintenance Company knows just how to clean from top to bottom, leaving your workplace germ-free and safe. We provide your company with a clean bill of health and help you breathe easier in more ways than one.


Everyone who enters your building will notice the fresh, inviting appeal—the shimmering floors, the sparkling restrooms, the polished elevator buttons, the stain-free carpet. Our commercial cleaning services teams take great pride in helping your customers, guests and employees feel welcomed into an attractive space to do business. When a company looks and feels clean and orderly, customers enjoy coming back again and again.


The last thing you need is to be bogged down with managing a cleaning team and fielding questions about those everyday maintenance concerns. “We’re out of paper towels in the restroom.” “How do we

get the office party stains out of the carpet?” “What disinfectant do we use in the kitchen?” Your time is immensely valuable, and with our cleaning and disinfecting experts regularly on-site, you’ll be free to focus more on your job. At the end of the day, you’ll be more relaxed at family events and relish those quiet evenings at home.


Microwaves, refrigerators, toilets, sinks and more of your workplace appliances and fixtures can be expensive to repair or replace. Consistent cleaning of these go-to devices and plumbing necessities will not guarantee they last forever, but efficient cleaning and maintenance by knowledgeable professionals can extend the lifespan of your business equipment and furnishings. Plus, routine cleanings save on costly emergency repairs. Dare we say clogged drains?


Frown lines are also called worry lines. These vertical wrinkle lines appear between your eyebrows when you furrow your brows. Who needs those? When your cleaning and janitorial services company is reliable, efficient and easy to work with, you will be frowning less and smiling more. So skip Botox treatments and let Midwest Maintenance Company keep you upbeat and satisfied with a safe and productive workplace. And we’ll be sure to compliment you for fewer frown lines and looking younger.

Just call Midwest Maintenance Company and we’ll assess your business for free and suggest the best options for customized cleaning services for your business. Visit midwestinc.net or give us a call for a free estimate at 1.866.866.5850.