Construction Cleaning

Whether building a new arena or a remodeling an office building, every construction site should be safe, organized and clean before people begin to use it again. Regular commercial construction cleanup while the work is underway is also important for overall safety. When a construction project is completed, the final phase includes a thorough inspection of the work done and the cleanup process.

Preconstruction Site Cleaning

When undertaking a construction project, proper preparation can mitigate the unique challenges that construction poses for the current employees and customers. Preconstruction site cleaning keeps office areas separated with partitions to reduce noise and uses air filters to minimize dust spreading into work environments. These seemingly small additions produce large benefits for the safety and utility of working facilities both during and after the construction process.

Commercial Construction Cleaning

A successful construction project requires a clean presentation after all work has been completed. Many contractors and builders provide only minimal cleaning after their work, often leaving behind the residual effects of the construction itself. Here are a few ways that our construction cleanup service ensures your build or remodel project delivers a successful presentation:

  • Material removal – We comb each area of construction and remove leftover items ranging from harmless tape, plastic coverings and tarps to the more hazardous nails, screws and drywall.
  • Vacuuming – Excessive dirt, sand and debris build up quickly in carpets during construction projects. Our team will cover all areas to give your carpets a fresh, clean look and feel.
  • Washing, wiping and polishing – Countertops, fixtures, windows, tiles, appliances and walls accumulate dust, paint and debris over the course of even a small construction project. We take the time necessary to ensure a thorough cleanup of all the surfaces in your facility.

Our Satisfied Cleaning Service Clients Include:

  • Offices Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Properties
  • Government Buildings
  • Healthcare Facilities, hospitals, clinics
  • Convention Centers Sports and Entertainment Arenas Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Shopping Malls Hotels Restaurants

Why Midwest Maintenance

At Midwest Maintenance Company, we value promoting people and businesses to achieve even greater productivity, health and safety. We would be honored for our commercial cleaning services team to make your business cleaner and safer for everyone from your customers to your employees.

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