Commercial Window Cleaning

Natural light creates a pleasant and energized work environment. Hand-shaped smudges on glass or dust coating window corners leave a negative impression in commercial settings. Our professional window cleaning services will keep the sun shining in your offices and your building looking radiant from the outside.

Pure Water Professional Window Cleaning

Our commercial window cleaning equipment and supplies can handle any type of building window from fixed and sliding to casement and pivoted. Our unique Pure Water Cleaning technique reduces the need for labor by over 50%. Our professional window cleaning systems save you time and money on labor and additional rental needs for expensive cleaning systems. Heavy rental equipment often leaves unsightly tire marks and unwanted tracks in the grass. Our less-invasive window cleaning services keep the rest of your building and landscape looking pristine.

Eco-Friendly Commercial Window Cleaning

Our safer and more efficient alternative to traditional window cleaning methods is easier on the budget and on the environment as well. Heavy chemicals in traditional window cleaning supplies can be harsh and harmful to both indoor and outdoor plants and even the air you breathe. Why let the downside of harsh chemicals keep your business from clean windows that invite in the beauty of natural light?

Our decades of experience teach that there isn’t a replacement for sunshine. Show off your showroom, commercial building and office windows with our professional window cleaning services. You will feel good that you’re creating a healthier place for your customers, employees and even the plants.

Our Satisfied Cleaning Service Clients Include:

  • Offices Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Properties
  • Government Buildings
  • Healthcare Facilities, hospitals, clinics
  • Convention Centers Sports and Entertainment Arenas Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Shopping Malls Hotels Restaurants

Why Midwest Maintenance

At Midwest Maintenance Company, we value promoting people and businesses to achieve even greater productivity, health and safety. We would be honored for our commercial cleaning services team to make your business cleaner and safer for everyone from your customers to your employees.

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