Basic Essentials Included in Our Cleaning Services

Your building is more than just a business and space for employees to innovate and customers, patients and visitors to gather. Your company is an extension of your passion for excellence and vision of even greater work in the future.

We at Midwest Maintenance Company appreciate your commitment to both people and productivity. We share the same goals to ensure the efficiency, health and safety of everyone who steps inside your building. That is why our professional cleaning services are there before the doors open to make sure your work environment is in stellar shape with always-included cleaning services, we call the Basic Essentials.


Dust may appear simple on the surface, but it is a combination of several minute particles including bacteria, soil, pollen, dead skin cells, dust mites, dead insect pieces, hair, clothing fibers and more cast-off fragments from indoors and outdoors.

Dust is unsightly and can reduce the air quality of your business. For some people, dust allergens are especially troubling and can affect the lungs and overall health. We help put an end to dust accumulating on desks, shelves, furniture and places you may not even notice at first glance.


Keeping your business vacuumed daily is crucial to removing seen and unseen irritants including dust, dander, pollen, bacteria and a host of unwanted debris. Foot traffic presses these particles into carpet fibers and wears down the durability of your flooring. No worries. We never sweep things under the carpet but use commercially powerful vacuums to keep your carpeting and rugs looking and smelling fresh.

Trash Removal

Even if you go paperless and practice green recycling, your office space still needs to stay current with daily removal of trash, particularly in kitchens, breakrooms and restrooms. Letting food scraps, soiled paper towels, soggy paper plates and coffee grinds accumulate invites odors, insects and disgruntled customers. Our cleaning and janitorial services help you score an A+ in tidy and clean, which positions your business for even more success.

Restroom Cleaning

You don’t need us to tell you how vital a clean restroom is to the health and safety of your company. But we will add a few words of wisdom. Never skimp on daily restroom cleaning—even regular cleaning throughout your hours of operation. Customized cleaning services go beyond looking nice to attack germs and bacteria just waiting to spread illnesses that affect your people and your financial bottom line.

Our Satisfied Clients Include:

  • Offices Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Properties
  • Government Buildings
  • Healthcare Facilities, hospitals, clinics
  • Convention Centers Sports and Entertainment Arenas Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Shopping Malls Hotels Restaurants

Why Midwest Maintenance

At Midwest Maintenance Company, we value promoting people and businesses to achieve even greater productivity, health and safety. We would be honored for our commercial cleaning services team to make your business cleaner and safer for everyone from your customers to your employees.

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