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Midwest Maintenance Topeka

1500 SW 10th Ave | Topkea, KS 66604

Old meets new in Kansas’ state capital. Brimming with history and culture, Topeka honors the paths of trailblazers such as Mulvane Art Museum artists and local Oliver Brown whose lawsuit ushered in desegregating U.S. public schools. Midwest Maintenance is a time-honored trailblazer too. We’ve help set the industry standard for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing businesses including Stormont Vail Health facilities and Topeka’s Stormont Vail Events Center.

Full Description

Cleaning is the passion of Midwest Maintenance—right down to every door handle, conference table, stadium seat and bathroom faucet.

Before employees, customers, guests and fans enter your building, our commercial cleaning experts have eliminated unseen threats including COVID-19, influenza and biohazards that can impede your business. We can even continue on duty during your workday or event to stay ahead of the floor spills, empty paper towels and grimy elevator buttons.

Our extensive janitorial and environmental services feature the industry’s top-tier disinfectants and sanitizing procedures to keep everyone healthy, safe and productive.

Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care
  • Commercial Window Cleaning
  • Touchpoint Cleaning
  • Construction Cleanup
  • Emergency Cleanup
  • Disinfecting Services

Locations We Serve

  • Restaurants
  • Industrial Properties
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Malls
  • Convention Centers
  • Sports Arenas

Our Topeka Location