Why Floor Care Services Save You Money

First impressions of your company and services start the moment people set foot inside your door. Spotless floors make your business shine. Dingy, scuffed, grimy and muddy floors leave customers, clients and vendors with a ho-hum feel about your business. When the public views your company as unclean and unprofessional, you lose money.

And did you know that every shoe, loafer, boot, pump, sneaker and flip-flop that enters your building might be making your employees sick?


During inclement weather, guests and employees often track in moisture, bringing along bacteria and viruses that cling to flooring and carpet. Grout between floor tiles is porous and quickly becomes home to germs and mold. Dirt, dust and debris build up on floors regardless of the weather outside. Pollen that clings to footwear and clothes is a year-round problem in many parts of the country. In a business setting, pollen is the culprit for hay fever and asthma flare-ups.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, the average person sheds roughly 30,000 to 40,000 skin flakes each day.1 With a number of people inside your building at one time, those millions and billions of cast-off flakes wedge into carpet fibers and feed dust mites. Dust mite dung (yuk!) causes indoor allergies. Spilled liquids and food also wick deeply into carpet fibers and the pad, inviting molds and odors to flourish and spur on more workplace allergies.

In addition, Dr. Philip Tierno, a microbiologist at NYU Langone Medical Center, states that carpet fibers hosts 200,000 bacteria per square inch—4,000 times filthier than a toilet seat!2 It’s the E. coli, salmonella and staphylococcus lurking among these germs that cause employees digestive upset, respiratory illness, allergic reactions and more. Ill employees take sick leave or remain in the office but are unproductive. All this affects your bottom line. Your floors may be to blame.


A host of disease-causing microorganisms make it their job to settle on your company’s floors and carpet. Since 1965, Midwest Maintenance has made it our job to stop these invisible pests. We also get tough on built-up dirt and grime that wear away and reduce the life of your floors and carpeting. We understand that an occasional vacuum and spot mop is not enough to refresh and restore your floors and carpet.

With more than five decades of proven expertise, Midwest Maintenance has established a stellar reputation for providing superior floor and carpet care services. Our professional floor care experts use premium products to help you achieve and maintain beautiful floors. Which in turn makes a lasting impression with your guests and helps keep your employees healthy and productive.

Restore, Protect and Maintain

We safely and efficiently remove dirt, grime and spots, to rejuvenate your floors to pristine condition. Our cleaning products are designed to protect furnishes, so you can be assured of long-lasting results. We are happy to work with you on creating plans to maintain your floors to keep them looking immaculate.

Plus, our specialized disinfecting and sanitizing floor care services are ideal for hospital and healthcare facilities and in any office, industrial building, government and educational setting, and sports and entertainment venue. Regular floor care helps prevent and minimize COVID-19 and other disease outbreaks.

Our commercial floor and carpet care professionals restore, protect and maintain a full range of flooring including:

Hard Floors

With seasoned know-how, we strip and wax, seal, burnish and refurbish your older or new floors.

  • Tile, ceramic, laminate, concrete and vinyl composite tile (VCT)
  • Natural stone, terrazzo, marble and slate


We offer spot cleaning, surface cleaning, deep extraction and hot water extraction to bring new life to your company’s carpet from lobby high-traffic areas to individual cubicles and meeting rooms.

Here’s what you can expect using Midwest Maintenance floor care services:

  • Expertly trained and experienced personnel
  • Specialized disinfecting services options
  • Environmentally conscious chemicals
  • Green-friendly products and procedures available
  • State-of-the-art equipment and cleaning products
  • Customized plans for restoration and maintenance
  • Dedicated and well-supervised technicians
  • Products tailored to spots, spills and high traffic areas
  • Seamless maintenance scheduling with your janitorial contract
  • Easy, one-time floor care order, or in combination with other services

It’s evitable that every person who enters your building will bring along some dirt and germs on their footwear from home, the parking lot or sidewalk. No worries. Even the heaviest foot traffic is no match for Midwest Maintenance floor care services.

Day after day, our gleaming floors and clean carpets are guaranteed to help you put the best foot forward with every customer, client and vendor . . . and with every shoe, loafer, boot, pump, sneaker and flip-flop.

1 American Academy of Dermatology Association, https://www.aad.org/public/parents-kids/healthy-habits/parents/kids/how-skin-grows.
2 Allergy Consumer Review, https://www.allergyconsumerreview.com/whats-lurking-carpet.html#sthash.6gw7nFIn.dpbs. Dr. Philip Tierno