The Little Gifts of Gratitude

As we gather with family and friends this Thanksgiving season, many of us will be sharing what makes us thankful and looking back on the year with extra gratitude. You may be grateful for your business enduring through COVID-19 challenges or appreciative of good health or the freedoms of living in America.

Every day is brimming with the endless reasons to be thankful and pass on the gift of gratitude. Yet with our full schedules and pressing responsibilities, we sometimes miss the little things intended to elicit a smile or warm our heart.


Writer Robert Brault reminds us, “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” What are those little things with more importance than we may realize?

Maybe it’s starting out the day eating breakfast with the kids before school. Or perhaps we pause to talk with the widowed neighbor. What about congratulating the new hire for a job well done? Or what seeds of gratitude do we sow when we notice and thank the store cashier?

At Midwest Maintenance, we enjoy the little things as we treat others with friendliness and respect. Serving our clients with eagerness and a congenial attitude speaks volumes that pleasantly reverberate alongside our commercial cleaning expertise.

As our cleaning teams can attest, they often receive more kindnesses than they give away. Every day we are honored to open the little gifts of gratitude that our clients and their employees and guests leave us.


In the hospitals and medial facilities we sanitize, some of the most endearing gifts we receive are the thank-yous for the clean and comfortable waiting rooms. So many people sit and fidget in these community areas for hours, wondering if their loved ones will be okay. Helping the waiting feel safe and relaxed is our little gift in their time of on-edge stress.

In commercial and office buildings, we hear over and over the tremendous job we do to keep the floors gleaming and the carpets spotless. In sports arenas and event centers, our cleaning teams revel in all the kudos they receive for restoring the public venues to a brand-new freshness.

The little things truly do matter as we all go about our day-to-day routines. As we celebrate Thanksgiving 2021 and pause to recall our many blessings this year, may we not forgot the smaller, everyday presents that graced our lives.

Let’s raise a toast to ponder the little gifts of gratitude sprinkled throughout our every hour and every day. That bowl of cereal shared with the kids. The elderly neighbor who now doesn’t feel so alone. The coworker who beams that you noticed her work.

Perhaps best of all, the little gifts of gratitude are not expensive but they are invaluable. Let’s keep giving them away.