Pleasing the Crowds at Arenas and Event Centers

Midwest Maintenance professional janitorial and environmental services teams are crowd pleasers at sporting events, music concerts, professional conferences, holiday parties and any event. Whether you host capacity crowds in arenas or large private events in spacious venues, or invitation-only special gatherings, you know it takes precision organization and capable teamwork to ensure success.


Before the arena and event center doors open to fans, spectators, corporate guests and the public, our cleaning and disinfecting professionals are performing to their best. We employ an industry-leading arsenal of cleaning techniques and products to ensure the health and safety of your guests and facility environment.

In addition to powerful disinfectants and plenty of hands-on elbow grease, we offer specialized disinfecting that includes our Clorox® Total 360® electrostatic sprayer and ULV Fogger. Plus, our SWAT Team Detail Cleaning targets and sanitizes the high-traffic areas in your building.

We are the cleaning pros who cleanse and shine sinks, toilets, urinals, countertops and changing tables. No surface escapes the attention of our commercial cleaning services crews—handrails and door handles to seats and armrests. With Midwest Maintenance on duty, we anticipate when restroom soap and paper towels and other supplies are running low and step right up to restock.


There’s no need to worry about the transfer germs on turnstiles, elevator buttons or drinking fountains. Our thoroughly trained janitorial services teams know just where to spray, scrub and polish away those invisible invaders that can make anyone sick. We focus on safety and health while your guests can focus on fun and entertainment or professional development and the speakers’ messages.

From ballrooms and concourse areas to concession stands to seating, Midwest Maintenance stays present yet behind the scenes, so your guests experience a spectacular outing. Someone spill a drink or need help with a wheelchair? Our courteous staff will be right there to help.

Time after time, our friendly and efficient cleaning teams earn kudos from clients such as
Luther Villagomez, Chief Operating Officer for the Convention District Houston First Corporation in Texas. “Midwest Maintenance is providing outstanding janitorial, cleaning and equipment setups for the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston,” Villagomez explains. “Our clients appreciate their attention to detail and customer service skills. We provide a first-class experience for our customers and Midwest has become a valuable team member.”


From setup to breakdown, Midwest Maintenance understands all the details that go into making an event fabulous. Chairs and tables arranged in meeting rooms, entrances and walkways roped off, A/V and electrical hookups secured.

Kathleen M. Ratcliffe, President of Explore St. Louis–America’s Center/The Dome at America’s Center shares her experiences with Midwest Maintenance. “As the concert [Rolling Stones Open Tour 2021] ended, and fans streamed through the streets of St. Louis heading home, many of you were working hard to assist with the move out of the production, clean the building, remove all the leftover food, and settle the invoices with the tour, just to name a few of the jobs that had to get done AFTER the show!” Ratcliffe notes. “Thanks to all who helped prepare for it over these many months, who worked in numerous capacities last night before, during and after, and for everyone who made the fan experience a joyous one. Very proud of all of you!”

As Ratcliffe points out, the steps to hosting large groups of people seem endless but our professional cleaning and environmental services teams are fully trained and prepared for every scenario. Well, except for maybe one. Making the restroom lines shorter at breaks and intermissions.

For your next event center or arena performance, competition, conference or celebration, be sure to take advantage of our complimentary cleaning and environmental services assessment. Just give us a call at 1.866.866.5850 or email us at