One New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

One New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

We all know New Year’s resolutions start out with great gusto but tend to fizzle within a few weeks. You might find it surprising that surveys find only about 9% of Americans keep their new year vows to make changes. So what’s the problem?

Most resolutions and goal setting aspirations are too lofty, too change-it-all, too impossible to attain. At Midwest Maintenance Company, we have a sure-fire way to help you and your employees’ meet declarations for improvement this year. We know of one New Year’s resolution you can keep: Celebrate what you’re already doing well.


Instead of brainstorming massive changes for your workplace and business plans for 2023, why not reflect on this past year and find the two or three things that you’ve done well. Were sales up? Yay. Did customer satisfaction ratings soar? Bravo. Did you experience fewer sick days? Most excellent.

At Midwest Maintenance we are doing the same thing with our professional cleaning services crews and our supervisory and leadership teams. We can’t say enough about applauding a job well done. Rather than devising grand objectives and 10-step target lists for this year, we are sticking with the tried and true of what we do best to serve you.

After nearly 60 years of cleaning and sanitizing commercial buildings and large-scale venues to smaller offices and health clinics, we are well known in the areas we serve, and enjoy the trust and loyalty of many long-time customers. Yet we will never rest on that accomplishment alone.

You deserve our persistent dedication to excellence. We continually research more efficient cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing products and methods to improve our janitorial services to you and save you money.


Our New Year’s and yearlong priority is to ensure your work surroundings are sparkling fresh and welcoming, and your employees and customers stay healthy and safe. From door handles and floors to restrooms and work surfaces, our janitorial crews stay meticulous about everyday germs, spills, grime and odors. In this day and age of COVID-19, influenza, RSV and other communicable illnesses, the last thing you need is cleaning and disinfecting that is not doing its job.

Consistent professional cleaning throughout your company is scientifically proven to keep your people safe and productive day after day. What a reason to throw an office party! (Don’t worry, we’ll clean up the confetti and chip crumbs.)


So while much of America is starting to back off its New Year’s resolutions and over-zealous goals, how about your business joins Midwest Maintenance Company in looking back on what we’re already doing well? Sure, we have some ideas for raising the bar even higher, but let’s not promise unattainable aspirations we will feel guilty about by February.

Let’s keep things simple and sound. Let’s congratulate our people for how far we’ve come and look forward to even better success in 2023.

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