Maintaining Vigilance Against COVID-19

The coronavirus is in its second year of invading our personal lives and businesses. Now we have a virus variant, N501Y also known as B.1.1.7., showing up in several U.S. states. Epidemiologists advise us not to panic, but to continue our vigilance against the coronavirus in our workplaces, homes, and public spaces.


In standing against a COVID-19 health threat in your facility, now is not the time to slip into what psychologists call caution fatigue; we cannot become lax about safety precautions.

Health experts find that caution fatigue lulls individuals into thinking they can let down their own guard because others around them are following safety recommendations.

The coronavirus is always ready to do its work. Humans are the ones who need reminders to keep up their prevention efforts. Day after day, the targeted health safety steps in your business do matter. At Midwest Maintenance, we remain as committed as ever to help you clean and disinfect your work environment for the health and safety of everyone who enters your facility.


Because COVID-19 and its variants still pose a threat, we suggest the following refresher steps on your COVID-19 prevention safeguards:

Review and recommit to safety precautions.

Go back to the safety steps your company adopted when the pandemic was first getting traction. Reassess the government and health department guidelines established for your specific business and community. Both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) continue to update their COVID-19 safety protocols for workplaces and businesses. Are there practices you need to drop, adapt or add to your current list? How well are employees and customers following the workplace safety precautions? Where are improvements needed most?

Set safety reminder goals.

This relentless virus and other pathogens thrive on people being negligent with infection prevention. Once you have assessed compliance to your company’s coronavirus health standards, you may want to involve employees in coming up with engaging ways to bolster following the safety goals. Perhaps a fun contest or monetary incentives for practicing COVID safety standards will help motivate everyone to stay diligent against the virus.

Be sure to stay proactive with disinfecting services.

With an unpredictable mutating virus, your business needs the best line of cleaning and sanitizing security. Midwest Maintenance is always here to help. Protecting against COVID-19 starts with consistent professional janitorial services paired with extensive disinfecting. Our industry-leading special disinfecting services feature comprehensive protection such as touch point cleaning, highly trained day porters, detailed disinfection, air purification, ultra-low volume fogging and electrostatic spraying.

Whether we sanitize rooms, entire buildings, or even massive arenas and convention centers, we at Midwest Maintenance remain vigilant with you against COVID-19 to keep your people healthy, safe and productive.