Holiday Gifts for Everyone

‘Tis the season to be busy, fa la la la la la la la! Wait. Isn’t that supposed to be “season to be jolly?” As this year is winding down, so many of us are instead winding up (and some of us are wound too tightly). We are rushing around at work, at home—everywhere.

We’re finishing those year-end reports; we’re planning the office party. We’re scurrying to get our businesses in gleaming shape for customers. Jolly is not what best describes our countenance.

To help you and your employees better enjoy the holiday season, we’ve gathered a few ideas that will add an upbeat round of fa la la la la la la la throughout your company.

Bring on Some Holiday Cheer

Let your teams know that you appreciate their extra contributions this year by stepping away from the daily grind to have a little fun. Even those working remotely can join in the festivities. Break out the ugly Christmas sweaters for a lively office contest. Put together a white elephant gift exchange or join in the Secret Santa game. Why not challenge departments to decorate ginger bread houses? Maybe instead of one big office holiday party, consider celebrating a half hour every week until the new year. Don’t worry about the mess you may create. Our professional janitorial services teams are quick to clean up the dropped snacks and remove drinks stains from the carpet.

Recognize and Reward

A personable way to acknowledge your employees is know their first names and give them a hearty handshake or elbow bump for their hard work this year. If your company is extensive, you may need to break this down asking every manager to hand-sign a holiday card and give a meaningful gift to each employee. Monetary bonuses are always high on the much-appreciated list. For another opportunity to say thanks to your employees, extra paid time off shows you care about their well-being. Some business owners grant an extra paid day off for employees’ annual birthday with the stipulation that each person has to go play and enjoy something they just haven’t had time to do. The elves and reindeer approve of this workplace perk!

Give Back to Employee Causes

Poll your staff on the causes and charities they care about in your community. Consider sending a donation to the charities the employees choose or offer teams a day or part of a day off to volunteer together in the community. Many workers would rather leverage holiday resources and help others rather than participate in an office year-end event or receive personal bonuses.

Celebrate and Appreciate

However your company chooses to recognize your staff this holiday season, it is most important to express genuine gratitude for the dedication, sacrifices and hard work of each individual.

As you take time this December to celebrate and appreciate those in business who serve alongside you, we at Midwest Maintenance are right there with you. Our company motto is “promoting people” because we wholeheartedly believe in encouraging and lifting up the talents, skills and aspirations of each member of our commercial cleaning services family.

So let’s break out the ugly sweaters, fudge and eggnog. Let’s look into giving back to others in the community. And as we do, we’ll be less stressed-out busy and lots more jolly. Fa la la la la la la la.