Core Values That Define Success

There are many words that describe the foundational beliefs of Midwest Maintenance Company. If you consider us reliable, committed, and efficient, you would be right. Our over 50 years in the competitive commercial cleaning space models words like success, conscientious, and trustworthy.

So, what is it that truly distinguishes our business and our people from other commercial cleaning and environmental services companies?

Our core values are a critical part of our company’s everyday decisions. Our core values reflect the personality and culture of our employees who make your business environment shine.


At Midwest Maintenance Company, our core values create an unwavering guide for us to:

  • Attract the right people to our company. We attract like-minded individuals. These individuals fit in and reinforce the culture, increasing our company’s efficiency and overall morale.
  • Define how we do business. Our core values set clear guidelines for employees on how they should approach relationships with each other, clients, or other businesses.
  • Announce to the world the kind of company we are. We are honored to share about the reputation we have built. That is why you will see our core values displayed in our offices, our website on social media.
  • Identify employees that don’t fit. Sometimes a good person just is not the right fit. Our core values create a metric by which we can learn who fits within the company culture and who does not.

Yes, we are reliable, committed, and efficient and these qualities are reflected in our set of four key core values.

Core Value #1: Accountable

All of us at Midwest Maintenance take responsibility for our actions and behaviors. We communicate changes, keep others in the loop, set clear expectations and learn from both successes and failures. If a problem arises in our services to you, we skip the blaming or sidestepping and make things right as quickly as possible. If something needs adjustments or fixing, we find finger pointing unproductive and instead move forward with even greater efficiency and teamwork.

Core Value #2: Values People

Our company philosophy is Promoting People, and that starts with our hiring process. Our experienced human resources and leadership teams determine the best candidates to join our multi-state company—we only hire the right people for the right fit. We stand behind and uplift the people we hire so they become their best selves and take pride in a job well done.

Core Value #3: Results Driven

At Midwest Maintenance, we strive to meet or exceed the expectations of those we serve. When you contract with us for any service—from our basic offerings to Specialized Disinfecting Services—we want to be sure our team members are expertly trained and thoroughly equipped to deliver what you need, when you need it. We partner with you to go above and beyond in the smallest of details, so your work environment is consistently safe, healthy, and productive for your employees and customers.

Core Value #4: Positive

A cornerstone for Midwest Maintenance is our glass-half-full mentality. We choose to focus on positive thinking and optimism. Our confident enthusiasm is a proven strategy that helps us succeed in work and in our communities. Positivity permeates every area of our business and is shown in our open-minded, flexible, and proactive methods of managing our organization and the work.

So, whether you require basic facility cleaning or more specialized assistance with disinfecting or floor care, remember that behind all our commercial services stands a company that prides itself in foundational core values. We are committed to keeping your business clean and safe while remaining true to those values in every business encounter.