Benefits of a Day Porter for Your Business

What’s the secret to seeing your business flourish? Think little.

“It’s the little details that are vital,” legendary NCAA basketball coach John Wooden once advised. “Little things make big things happen.” Securing a day porter who specializes in the little things will make big things happen for your company.

Think of a professional day porter as a cleaning concierge or a personal attendant who adeptly handles the upkeep micro-tasks—the health and safety little things—for your business. Guests and employees tracking in mud on those stormy days? Day porters quickly respond with a thorough mop-up. A host of people using the elevators? Day porters routinely disinfect high touchpoint areas including elevator buttons, door handles, stair railings and bathroom fixtures.

Staying Ready and Equipped

Before things get messy or cause safety problems in your building, day porters anticipate needs and efficiently act with seamless service. Staying ready and equipped, day porters are responsive without disrupting the workflow and operations of your facility. Well-trained day porters are also well-familiar with the latest cleaning and sanitation techniques tailored to your specific industry.

When it comes to cleanliness and safety and shaping public perceptions, there’s even the little things within the little things. Like when a day porter greets your VIP clients and visitors with a pleasant smile or points the way to the conference room. Or wipes up spills in the kitchen and makes another pot of coffee. Don’t forget cleaning debris from the parking lot before anyone arrives for the day and tearing down a room after the crucial meeting.

Expert day porter services catch the everyday little things of cleaning and maintenance that can help your business stay focused on the bigger things of customer care, sales performance and employee retention.

Pivoting to Health and Safety

In these post-pandemic days, the sparkling aesthetics of your building is not the only factor that will impress regular and potential customers and reassure workers that your business is hygienically clean. Organizations are making a permanent pivot to clean for health and safety. A business that looks and smells clean is not enough. True environmental hygiene disinfects and sanitizes to kill the unseen and highly transmissible viruses, bacteria and other pathogens that easily spread within enclosed spaces and significantly affect workplace productivity and customer sales.

ISSA, the leading worldwide association for the cleaning industry, finds that “66% of consumers ranked frequent cleaning and sanitizing as the top measure that would make them more likely or comfortable with visiting physical spaces.” When you keep your business clean and well-maintained, people feel more at ease inside your building. This is true for both customers and employees.

A survey by the Cleaning Coalition of America (CCA) finds that “U.S. workers increasingly value enhanced cleaning of the workplace and feel safer seeing professional cleaners onsite. . .with 77.2 percent of workers wanting the workplace cleaned daily.” The CCA, who advocates on behalf of professional cleaners across the United States, also reports that “it is more critical than ever that businesses rethink their cleaning best practices and adopt a more holistic view of safety that prioritizes worker well-being.”

Increasing Trust in Your Business

Workplace cleanliness matters even down to the little things like keeping soap and paper towels well-stocked in the bathrooms and jumping right on cleaning emergencies. Everyone notices when these details are neglected.

Keeping experienced and reliable day porters on-site during business hours provides immediate customer care for high-traffic areas in your facility. Day porters also update the evening cleaning team on building spaces that may need a deeper clean.

People trust the cleaning expertise of day porters which grows trust in your business overall. Consumers, clients, vendors and employees deserve to know that your business excels in the little things that day porters provide: safety, comfort and confidence.

Establishing and maintaining a consistent clean for your business is invaluable. Midwest Maintenance day porters are available to help. Take advantage of a complimentary cleaning assessment of your business and give us a call at 402.733.1114 or email us at