Back-to-School with Confidence

The equation seems simple enough: Eager students + dedicated teachers = successful school year. Yet now as students are returning to schools and college campuses, what adds up to create a successful school year is not so simple.

COVID-19 and its wily variants are still an imposing presence. Other common school illnesses such as colds, flus and pinkeye can rapidly circulate among students, teachers and administrative staff. Research shows that students who chronically miss school face lower test performance and a higher rate of drop out. Teachers who feel vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 and other diseases at work, can pass on their stress and anxiety to their students.

The good news is the math is simple for Midwest Maintenance with its more than 55 years of commercial cleaning and disinfecting services. We stand behind proven results that a clean + sanitized school = healthier, happy students and staff.


So what does it take to keep an educational facility clean and safe day after day? Students are in close proximity to each other and often share classroom supplies and equipment. Add in close contact on the playground and in the gymnasium and locker rooms, where germs and infections can spread quickly.

That is why cleaning professionals who are expertly trained in the latest cleaning and disinfecting practices are a frontline of defense in schools. A quick swipe and dust is not enough. It is essential to know where germs and viruses thrive and how to eliminate them.

Commercial cleaning teams are alert to high-traffic areas including computer stations, desktops, restrooms, water fountains and doorknobs. These touchpoint areas need daily
cleaning and sometimes a day porter on site throughout the school day to keep up with the high-usage areas.


Here’s a quick tutorial on how Midwest Maintenance keeps schools, colleges and universities safe in these COVID times. Cleaning is simply wiping down surfaces and
removing dirt with soap and water. Sanitizing is the next level up in cleaning that reduces the number of germs. Disinfecting applies special chemical cleaning products to kill germs on surfaces.

Midwest Maintenance aces national cleanliness standards in cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. When the coronavirus hit the United States, our company searched for the
most effective ways to prevent and stop the rampant virus. Now one of our heavy-duty germ and virus killers is the Clorox® Total 360® System with advanced electrostatic
technology. This cutting-edge process tackles even the hardest-to-reach areas that can be often missed by manual cleaning.


Our professional floor and carpet care services is another specialty of Midwest Maintenance for educational facilities. The glimmering sheen on a school’s hallway floors does more than just look good. Regularly maintained hard floors reduce the dirt and grime where germs love to congregate. With over five decades of floor care excellence in our professional arsenal, we revive carpets with spot cleaning, surface cleaning, deep extraction and hot water extraction. We are prepared to help schools and college campuses of any size earn a clean bill of health on their flooring.

With all the priorities of educating our children and young adults well, the last thing anyone needs to worry about is environmental safety. Midwest Maintenance is here to ensure school classrooms and activity areas stay clean and safe. Just give us a call at 402-733-1114 for a customized cleaning plan and estimate.