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Individuals at Midwest Maintenance take responsibility for their actions and behaviors. They communicate changes, keep others in the loop, set clear expectations, and lear from both successes and failures.

Values People

Our mantra is Promoting People, and it starts with our hiring process; we only hire the right people for the right seats. We stand behind and uplift the people we hire so they become their best selves and take pride in a job well done.

Results Driven

At Midwest Maintenance, we strive to meet or exceed the expectations of those we serve. Our approach to partnerships and delivery of the services assures operational excellence and consistency in providing high quality outcomes.


Midwest Maintenance utilizes positive thinking and optimisim as a strategy for succeeding in work and life. Positivity works in every area of business, and is shown in our open-minded, flexible, and proactive methods of managing the organization and the work.