COVID-19 Response


Red school lockers in hallway

Back-to-School with Confidence

The equation seems simple enough: Eager students + dedicated teachers = successful school year. Yet now as students are returning to schools and college campuses, what adds up to create a successful school year is not so simple. COVID-19 and its wily variants are still an imposing presence. Other common school illnesses such as colds,…

Safely Returning to Event Centers and Arenas

In transitioning from COVID-19 shutdowns, many of us are eager to get back out to games, concerts and live performances. Event centers, arenas and concert halls are reaching capacity crowds again. Some of us are belting out, “Take me out to the ball game,” while others of us are imploring, “Just take me out somewhere!”…

Caution janitor working sign.

5 Benefits of Outsourced Cleaning Services

In our post-pandemic world, America is turning the corner on people returning to the workplace and customers frequenting businesses in person. But the COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way companies keep their premises clean and safe for both employees and visitors. Now more than ever, it’s paramount that your cleaning services meet stricter national and…

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