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One New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

One New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep We all know New Year’s resolutions start out with great gusto but tend to fizzle within a few weeks. You might find it surprising that surveys find only about 9% of Americans keep their new year vows to make changes. So what’s the problem? Most resolutions and goal […]

Santa watching movies eating popcorn.

Top 20 Best-Ever Christmas Movies

December is replete with holiday decorating, shopping, office parties, musical performances, caroling, festive celebrations and so much more. Amid the garland and glitter and eggnog and cookies, one holiday tradition is a must: watching Christmas movies. Here at Midwest Maintenance Company, we all have our favorite best-ever Christmas movie, so we decided to compile a […]

Honoring America’s Veterans

Veterans Day, November 11, is a time for all Americans to honor the military veterans who have diligently served our nation with their love of country, bravery and sacrifice. The annual observance was first recognized as Armistice Day when the fighting of World War I ceased on the 11th hour of the 11th day of […]

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