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Honoring America’s Veterans

Veterans Day, November 11, is a time for all Americans to honor the military veterans who have diligently served our nation with their love of country, bravery and sacrifice. The annual observance was first recognized as Armistice Day when the fighting of World War I ceased on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month—November 11, 1918.

After a horrendous four-year battle between Germany and the Allied nations, this historic day is considered the conclusion of “the war to end all wars.” In 1954, Congress changed the federal holiday’s name to Veterans Day to pay respects to all veterans in all U.S. wars.

5 Ways to Show Appreciation on Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a special time to say thank you to America’s military service members from the past and present. The following are ways you can join in honoring those who have valiantly protected our nation.

1. Attend a Veterans Day Event

Take part in a parade or service in your area that celebrates American’s veterans. Bring a mini U.S. flag stick that you can proudly wave as the parade passes by. If there’s still time, you can volunteer to help make Veterans Day floats or drive one in a local parade.

2. Ask a Veteran About Their Service

Every veteran has a story or dozens of them to share about serving with the U.S. Armed Forces. Maybe you have family members who are veterans or a neighbor or a coworker. Take time to ask questions such as: What is your favorite memory in your time of serving? Why did you choose your service branch?

3. Donate to Veteran-Focus Causes

Several reputable organizations around the country provide services and support for veterans. The website provides a list of 10 Wounded Veterans Charities. To help you determine which charities are highly rated for their financial practices and impact, visit Charity Navigator.

4. Write a Thank You Letter

Take a few minutes to write a simple thank you letter, note or an email to a veteran. If you do not know a veteran, contact a local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) service organization and they will connect you with a veteran or several service members. Click here to find a VFW group near you.

5. Visit a Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Medical Facility

The VHA provides care at nearly 1,300 healthcare facilities around the country, including more than 170 VA Medical Centers. Contact your closest VA hospital and find out about their policies on visiting with patients or volunteering at the hospital. Often on Veterans Day, VA facilities need help preparing a special meal. Giving back in volunteering is a special way of saying “thank you for your service.”

We Extend Our Gratitude

At Midwest Maintenance Company, we are honored to salute our U.S. veterans on November 11 and every day of the year. We extend our special appreciation to the men and women service members who have given so much, and sometimes their very lives, to keep our country free and safe.

Several of our commercial cleaning services professionals are veterans who serve our clients with the same dedicated commitment as they did in military service. What an honor to work alongside these steadfast veterans in cleaning and disinfecting your workplace environment. To learn more about customized cleaning services for your business, visit or give us a call for a free estimate at 1.866.866.5850.