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Applauding the Never-Give-Up Spirit

Let’s give a standing ovation to women in U.S. history whose never-give-up spirit makes our lives incredibly easier today. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology you use every day? A woman originally invented it in 1941. The dishwasher in the company’s break room? The first practical dishwasher was invented by a woman in 1886. The Scotchgard® […]

5 Things to Love About Your Professional Cleaning Team

You know how things can snowball at work. The meetings. The employee reviews. The budgets. If you add finding and supervising a janitorial crew, and worse yet, cleaning where these “professionals” did not, it’s no wonder stress can get the best of you. But there is a better way. Midwest Maintenance Company gives you plenty […]

One New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

One New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep We all know New Year’s resolutions start out with great gusto but tend to fizzle within a few weeks. You might find it surprising that surveys find only about 9% of Americans keep their new year vows to make changes. So what’s the problem? Most resolutions and goal […]